From the age 14 until about 27 years old, I suffered from exercise addiction, body dysmorphia and negative self-talk. I never felt good enough, skinny enough, strong enough. I was my own worst enemy and if I didn’t exercise 3-4 hours a day, I didn’t feel worthy. In fact, my self-worth was directly tied to the number on the scale. If my weight was what I wanted it to be, I felt at ease and secure. If it wasn’t, then I would do extra cardio, limit my caloric intake and dehydrate myself. Of course as a competitive boxer, many of these behaviors were “normal” and expected, especially since I had to make weight for upcoming bouts. But it also allowed for very dangerous behaviors that no one questioned since I was always in training.

I would restrict calories but then expect my body to function at an optimal level. I felt powerful because I had control over food and when all of my friends were eating fries and drinking soda, I took solace in my  plain grilled chicken and steamed vegetables.

I started to get really exhausted of the constant mental battle going on inside my head. I reached a point where I wanted peace and a deep desire to find self-love and radical self-acceptance. I didn’t want to be the cause of my suffering any longer.

Since then, so much has happened. I have trained, worked with and assisted hundreds of clients from all different backgrounds, abilities, injuries and goals. I have a fair share of brides, pregnant mamas, middle aged men, housewives and finance guys. I have worked with every kind of body type, every eating disorder and a variety of limitations. I’ve had clients lose weight, gain muscle, improve their conditioning and reach their goals.

Throughout these years, I also studied and explored power lifting, marathon running, Pilates, yoga, core conditioning, strength training, HIIT, TRX and other forms of movement. I received a bachelor’s degree in education from Pace University and a Masters Degree from Columbia in Exercise Physiology. I became an amateur boxer, a dedicated yoga practitioner and teacher, a group fitness instructor, a prenatal specialist and a doula.

I began boxing several years after I started working out. I started going to a nitty gritty, male dominated gym where white female college students were a rare sight. I didn’t care feeling like an outsider and many of the trainers took to my enthusiasm and drive. I remember clearly the first time I spared, headgear and mouthpiece on, early morning 6am, nervous as hell but ready. As soon as the bell rang, I gave it my all, exchanging punches with another novice boxer. I will always remember the intoxicating feeling from stepping into the ring that from that moment on, I knew I wanted to compete.

Luckily, a friend introduced me to a phenomenal coach who guided me in the boxing world for six years. We trained 6 days a week for 3 hours a day. I rarely missed a workout. Jump rope, shadow boxing, heavy bag, focus mitts, strength training, cardio conditioning, running, sprinting, plyometrics, stretching. You name it, we did it. Every day I would ask my coach if I was ready to compete and every day he would say no. His philosophy was that when I was going to compete, it was because we were confident that I was going to win. We weren’t going to dabble, we were going for victory. I respected his approach, as did my apprehensive parents and finally on December 3, 2005, I had my first bout.

As I stepped in the ring to the roar of my family, with their signs waving in the air, I knew intuitively that I was a winner. Better yet, a warrior. Four rounds later, the referee held my hand in victory. I had won every round and to my own dismay, enjoyed punching another person.

Sweet, little me, with my huge, innocent blue eyes, cornrolled hair braided, always so sweet and kind, enjoyed punching another human being!

From there I went on to have a total of 12 fights, reaching the Golden Gloves twice. I won silver in 2007 and gold in 2008. Competing at Madison Square Garden in front of thousands of people is a huge highlight of my life. My parents bought 100 tickets and we had an entire section full of my supportive loved ones. I worked so hard to get to that point and knew victory was mine. I was in the gold corner. I had visualized, meditated and dreamed of this moment and here I was, ready for war. It wasn’t my best or prettiest fight but it didn’t matter because I came out victorious. I didn’t know it then but it would be the last time I competed as an amateur boxer.

During my fierce adventures as a boxer, I got to experience what it is like to rely solely on myself. When I stepped into the ring, yes I had my coach and my team, but it was on me to do the work. I got to experience being violent and angry in a way that was societally safe and acceptable. I would try to inflict harm on my opponent and yet be hugging and thanking her at the end of the match. I learned the pain of defeat and the joy of victory. I gain appreciation for what hard work, dedication, a strong work ethic, unparalleled drive and a solid, trusting coach would do. I transcended all the years of being bullied and not standing up for myself because I was too weak, too afraid, too nice. Boxing taught me to value self-respect, to never back down, to trust myself more so than anyone else and to show up day after day committed to my goal. Tenacity at it’s finest.

It’s rare to find a boxing yogi. It’s even rarer to find a boxing yogi doula personal trainer fitness instructor all in one person.
That’s why I am different.

I have been involved in the fitness and wellness industry long before it became popular and trendy. I’ve been lunging, squatting and pushing-up for more than half my life and in the process have gathered an extensive toolbox containing all kinds of disciplines, techniques, approaches and methods. Because every person is unique with different goals and abilities, I am thankful I have extensive background, knowledge, experience and education to choose from to best serve my clients’ needs.

Who else can you punch with like a pro, downward dog with utmost alignment, then weight train for strength and run some sprint for conditioning all in one session.

You’re answer? Me! The journey to your best self should be an adventure. Not tedious, boring or bland. It should be thrilling, fun, intoxicating, empowering. It should be YOU, in all your forms, with all your likes, focusing on your strengths while working on your weaknesses. A fierce physical body is available and accessible to everyone. You don’t have to kill yourself to see results AND it can be fun, engaging, and interactive. It should be a JOY!

Email to book is best. All sessions are one hour in length. Location can be client’s home or gym in their building, outdoors in park, my backyard or personal training studio in UWS. Packages include text/email support, nutritional counseling and coaching.  I put my heart and soul into every client and every session so thats obviously included!

All packages can be mixed and matched. We are multi-dimensional beings so maybe one day you feel like practicing yoga. Maybe the next time we meet, you had a rough day and want to punch things. Possibly after that, you are in the mood to strength train. It’s all good! All sessions can be used for a mix of disciplines. We can even box, strength train and incorporate yoga poses all in one session. I have a huge toolbox of modalities to choose from and I believe in co-creating the best, most aligned session possible for you every time we meet!

Ready to begin the fierce adventure of your transformation?
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“Simply put, Amanda is a 5-STAR MIRACLE WORKER and a LIFELONG INSPIRATIONAL COMPANION that I would not want to live without.”

“Amanda is an inspiration, an angel, a natural holistic wellness coach, a fitness trainer, a kind ear, a companion, a soul mate, a teacher, a friend, a motivator, a mover, a shaker, and a happiness maker. There is a magic around her like no other.”

“Amanda has been a shining light in my life ever since our first session. She shows up SO ready to support, kick butt + laugh while doing all of it.”

“Amanda is an amazing teacher, motivator and inspiration. She’s totally present and connects the dots between fitness, yoga, and peace of mind.”

“Every session is completely unique and tailored to where I am that day: I’ve developed a nasty right jab, strengthened my core, toned up everywhere, deepened my yoga practice, become more mindful in my eating, and patient with my process. On top of all these health outcomes Amanda has welcomed me into her vibrant community. She teaches a fantastic class at NY Loves Yoga and in the summer her backyard classes are amazing.”

“Amanda does not just teach fitness, she promotes a lifestyle that is rich with self love, self care and inspiration.”

“I call it the “Amanda Affect.” She truly affects people in a 360 fashion. Mind, Body, and Spirit as cliche as it may sound……From her boxing to her yoga to her TRX to her life and nutrition knowledge…she doesn’t train you, she helps you elevate your life to the next level, so that feeling good goes way beyond just looking good.”

“Amanda hits the perfect balance between being challenging, encouraging, validating and demanding. She is a life changer.”