I found yoga when I started to sense my pending retirement from boxing. I needed to find something still physically challenging that could take the place of boxing. Yoga provided me with the intense physicality I was looking for, a daily discipline and a connection to community.

Yoga changed my life in so many ways.

After over a decade of body dysmorphia, it helped me learn to love and accept myself fully. It taught me how to be present and alive in my body. It opened my heart, shed my shields, and connected me with my higher self, my source of power, my rhythm and flow.

Yoga taught me how to trust myself. To free myself from the mental chains that kept me feeling like a prisoner in my mind, always feeling inadequate, beating myself up, never good enough, not skinny enough, always fighting myself. Yoga allowed me to find peace with what is and to truly live in alignment.

Finally, yoga helped me navigate the death of my father. To forgive myself and others, to let go of the past, stop dreaming of the future, and just be in the moment. Yoga helped me cultivate greater courage, confidence and strength while simultaneously allowing me to be more gentle with myself, kinder and more compassionate.

Yoga taught me how to live an extraordinary life.
A fierce life. An adventurous life.

When you come to my class, I take you on a journey. There is no music, no fluff, no om’ing or chanting. There is no distraction. You on your mat. Breathing. We begin by warming up the body, slowly and methodically because the heat must be generated from the inside. We then go through standing pose, holding each one for many breaths to explore detailed alignment. There is an intelligence and sophistication to my sequencing. Nothing is random, it is all on purpose. Each pose builds on the next. We reach a peak point in the class, the most intense summit, then slowly start to come down, consciously, easefully, gracefully. My classes pull from the traditions of Ashtanga, Iyengar + Vinyasa merged seamlessly together with tidbits of yogic philosophy while emphasizing breath, self-inquiry and the cultivation of patience.

In every one of my classes, you can expect discipline, a practice that requires the best of you, your full attention and utmost effort. My classes are based on the fundamentals, no trends, no nonsense. And while my teaching style is clear and straightforward, I infuse the practice with so much support, kindness and love.

Explore beyond your comfort zone, find ease in challenging poses while strengthening confidence and self-awareness. Allow the guided inward journey to create space and release tension while bringing flexibility to the body and mind. Arrive into the present moment with full awareness and total self-acceptance.

Packages range from 5 to 30 sessions, each one hour in length. They take place in a mutually agreed upon location which can be your home/apartment or office, my home or backyard, Central or Riverside Park.

This is structured time to work on either starting, refining or advancing your practice. As with all sessions, it is a co-creation, so we discuss goals, intentions, requests and then I safely and effectively guide you through an individualized practice. This is a time to explore specific alignment of poses, anatomical details and safety, deeper yogic philosophy or working with specific injuries or limitations.

Sessions extend beyond just our scheduled sessions. Text, email and phone conversations and unlimited support are all part of the packages. Nutritional advice and coaching is also included.

Packages can be mixed and matched. We are multi-dimensional beings so maybe one day you feel like practicing yoga. Maybe the next time we meet, you had a rough day and want to punch things. Possibly after that, you are in the mood to strength train. It’s all good! Sessions can be used for a mix of disciplines. We can even box, strength train and incorporate yoga poses all in one session. I have a huge toolbox of modalities to choose from and I believe in co-creating the best, most aligned session possible for you every time we meet!